November 10, 2013

Four month

In the midst of doing the assignments and I suddenly stop because of sudden realization of how dead my blog has been. Hello again to writing stuff and journey ahead.

Four month of my conclusion that I have not seen my loved ones, physically. Four month of the last hugged I got from mum at the airport. Four month from the last time I saw my so called soul mate wailing wholeheartedly. Four month of being away to what I called first home. Four month of a new journey to another side of world. I am blessed to be surrounded with so many amazing people. From the first day I got here, clueless and puzzled of what to be done; to who I am today adapting with the weather and getting better and better. Allah's plan is never a disappointment nor it is a failure.

Pesan bonda, belajar jauh bukan hanya untuk satu keping ijazah degree. Bukan untuk rakus ilmu rasa hebat masuk university. Aku selalu lupa fakta masa tu Allah pegang. Dia bagi pinjam je duapuluhempat jam, setahun dan sehari. Dan setiap satu inci benda yang Dia susun atur ada sebab musabab yang kadang kadang aku sendiri 'cross it out'. Like everything has its own divine time to be happened. It takes faith and courage to what he has planned.

Sebab tak semua orang ada rasa patuh dan sabar agung untuk masa tu tiba.

First semester is almost over. Theres just so much more have yet, to be discovered.

Can't wait.