November 11, 2015

Here we go again

I am one of those people who would stop doing something at some point just because I feel like I need some new fresh air and not constantly do the same thing over and over again. Or most of the time I think too hard on what to write, to talk, to watch and to be continue guys. No wonder my essay paper would always be done at the very last thirty minutes that I have after almost one or two weeks wonder around about what to write. But the fun part is I never failed to ace every paper which I tend to believe that I have magical hands and brain that would always work at the very last minute (must be though to be my brain). Is that all? Wait for this one; when I did something, I sometimes left it hanging and not doing it until the end after I completely throw my heart, sweat and blood on it. Pretty bad ha? I have noticed it guys, please don't ask me since when because the probability that I would answer your questions with shakes head and lift both shoulder up at the same time would probably high, so not a chance.

Until recently.

I think I have finally found my true call and get serious with writing again. I am currently in the office as I am writing this waiting for any student to come in and ask questions so I would be able to help wholeheartedly. OK I lied, I would rather have no students seeing me/came to the office, just so I would be able to lay back and do something else on the computer such as writing my first post after abandoning my blog again for god knows how many times (my supervisor would be so proud). And Yes, I already have a supervisor now, a pretty decent job to support half of  my living expenses here in States. Isn't weird? I went through all of my previous/old blog post and found how innocent I am to wake up every day and look forward to live hundreds miles away from my family  but oh wait  still have one year to spend so busy entertaining everyone and that's like what? Three years ago? Damn times sure flies.

But I could still remember back then before I moved out from the house, I would always wanted to write everything on my blog and by everything I meant; starting from moving into the new place, having eye-contacted with so many people, that first job interview that I had, that first bus that I happened to take every single day just to go to class, that struggle of finding jobs to support myself or else would probably live on the streets by now, that awkward first meeting with my friends trying to remember everyone's names, those time when I decided I need to have a car and lending money here and there just to make it happened. Ah I have missed to write on so much things! Hopefully not anymore. I would want to be able to write every ups and downs that happened just so I can went back and read how dumb my self was the year before, or years after. And I would want to be able to jot down the journey just in case I got married sometimes this year hahahahaha bad joke. I know.

Anyhow, I made my vow from today and on wards to start writing again! *claps hysterically*

Told Baitil the other day just to see her reaction;

"Babe I'm gonna start writing again" with a big please-be-excited-for-me's smile on my face

"Really? Good la I like reading your blog hehe" Not so excited there but okay 

"You don't want to write? Let's do it together this would be fun!" I exclaimed as if it was the best idea in the world.

"Oh, babe I actually already have one" *grinned* 

Okay...after I told you wholeheartedly about mine. Fine. 

Anyway, here's to writing again after a long time. 

Uhm...What was the name of my second post again? 

Here we go again.