November 15, 2015

Sunday woes

Always, always looking forward for weekends just so you know hoping all the other stuff that you have been wanting to do during weekdays could all be settle up during weekends. All the clothes that have been piling up waiting to be folded, all the recipes that you have been wanting to try on, those places that you have been wanting to clean and neatly organize, jobs application that are waiting for you to fill in and submit, post that you have been wanting to get done in details, all those random stuff that you have been planning to do during weekends. 

And here comes the weekends nothing apparently get done. Except for the clothes all washed and neatly folded. 

I must have been messing around with myself telling myself that I deserve to-not-get-anything-done period. Even resisting to get out of the house, and those pillows and cleaned just-got-out-from-the-washing-machine's duvet and bed looks so comfy and attractive every single time. 

Every. Freaking. Time. 

Except for food. How could I say no to food? 

Biggest threat.