January 2, 2015

2nd January 2015

It feels weird to start writing again after such a long haul of not even opened up the blog anymore. Has always been missing those days of reading everyone's story. I'm probably hoping that my close friends would start to write theirs again with me starting.

Or my hope is just probably too high.

One month of winter break seems to pass by real fast without me even realizing it. Two more weeks before class starts. I am excited to hop on new journey as I only have another two more semesters to finish up my associate degree. In the meantime, I keep on updating myself more about real estate investing. Skype-ed with my mom the other day, and map out my plan roughly for five years from now.

I can see things clearer and clearer Alhamdulillah. I may took different path from everyone else, but I am firm with what I'm doing and I know that this path is made for me. I did not start with any preparing course or foundation, I flew by myself without even knowing personally the person that I was going to meet later, I did not know anyone beside my mom's used-to-be professor on the first day that I took off, and now here I am, almost two years in state, living on my own, paid my own bills, cooked my own dish, cleaned my own small apartment, and had so many people around me that I could not thank enough.

My journey might seems weird and out of mind to some people, but everything will be paid off later on Insha Allah. I would love to write down every details of my story but I guess the best ones should be saved when the best time comes.

I did not flew miles away to only just get a degree, but I did it for my future and life story.

 With Allah's will, moga dipermudahkan.